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Heirloom Repair

Mechanical Repair

Unlike digital timepieces, mechanical clocks and watches need to be maintained and tuned in order for it to continue working. While an untrained eye can try to tune the clock and watch, it is still best to have an expert like All About Time, to work on your clocks and watches

Watches and clocks that are passed from generation to generation have much more sentimental value than any other possession. Special care is given to these pieces recognizing their very unique status. We often preform additional research on these pieces for information including production dates and makers histories.

Complicated Repair

Complications of a watch are typical references to other functions such as automatic winding, calendar function and chronograph functions. I have the experience and expertise to carry out this work as I am Swiss-trained and do have an extensive knowledge of these types of watches. 

Local Clockwork

All About Time is one of the most reputable clock and watch shops in VA

Appraisal and Estate valuations

Due to the many variations in antique and vintage clocks and watches (age, originality, overall condition, etc) it is our policy not to offer a value (even ballpark) on any clock or watch without our personal inspection

Acquisition Consulting

Planning for a new addition, we offer consultations on time pieces and evaluations/inspections prior to purchase.

Post-Move Assistance

  • Unpacking the clock case, movement, pendulum and weights
  • Leveling and adjusting the clock case for the new environment
  • Setting up and installing the movement as required
  • Adjusting the chiming and striking functions as needed
  • Putting the clock in beat to assure the clock is in good running order

Pre-Move Assistance​

  • Clock disassembly
  • Securely packing the movement, pendulum and weights (sometimes crates are required for heavier movements, if so they should be tailor made for the clock, and can be provided by our shop)
  • Preparing the clock case for transport.

By Appointment

We only accept evaluations and repair work by appointment. This is because we want to focus on your timepiece and give it our undivided attention.

Watchwork on a Nationwide Basis 

I accept client’s watch work and repairs from whatever state in the U.S. they are located in.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply Within a resonable time
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